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_about the designer

Hi !

My name is Brenda Ottati and I'm the driving force behind Atelier Artis.


Why Atelier Artis you may think? I've always dreamed of turning my hobby into my job. Who doesn't, right? And I have two passions: creating graphic content that makes people happy and designing jewelry that people fall in love with. So why not bring my two passions under one roof? That is how Atelier Artis was created.

The logo that I designed for Atelier Artis is a combination of 3 objects. At first you see a pineapple and a pineapple stands for hospitality, luxury and a sign of status. That is what Atelier Artis strives for. Besides that, you can recognize a gemstone, also a valuable object and at the top you can see the two first letters of Atelier Artis. The logo is therefore a summary of everything that Atelier Artis stands for.

Education, work experience & skills.

For more info, you can download my CV.

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